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Support for Men Who Have Experienced Nonconsensual Sex

Peace Over Violence provides comprehensive case management, individual and group counseling services for male survivors. POV’s Men who have Experienced Nonconsensual Sex (MENS) group is a psycho-educational and experiential support group for male survivors recovering from sexual abuse, assault, and unwanted/inappropriate sexual encounters. The primary goal of this group is to increase clients’ understanding of how sexual violence and trauma impacts their masculinity, male identity, sexuality, and relationships.

There are many reasons that men deny, ignore, or avoid talking about or thinking about the abuse: unwanted feelings like anger or shame; fear of triggering disturbing thoughts; or long-perceived and socially authorized ideas about masculinity. Peace Over Violence strives to create the safest environment for men to take their first step toward healing.

+ Reducing of trauma symptoms
+ Improving effective coping skills
+ Increasing one’s resilience and self-esteem
+ Reestablishing or maintaining healthy interpersonal relationships

+ 1 in 6 adult men in United States experienced sexual abuse in childhood
+ On average, survivors do not disclose the abuse for 20 years
+ People who abuse boys are both male and female
+ The vast majority of male survivors will never sexually abuse another person
+ Men can and do heal from sexual abuse

If you’re interested in learning more information about this support group, please contact:
Milena Lukic at 213.955.9090 ext/155 or Joshua Beckett at 213.955.9090 ext/156

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