Peace Over Violence provides counseling services to assist survivors of interpersonal violence in healing.

We offer individual, group, and family counseling. During the intake process, the counselor or case manager will discuss what options are available based on your needs.



Individual Counseling, One on One

Individual crisis counseling can decrease the long term impact of trauma.

Our individual counseling is provided by POV staff or clinical interns who have received extensive training in trauma-informed care and multiple approaches to supporting clients in their healing process. Counseling typically includes about 20-30 weekly sessions of meeting with a counselor one on one. Our counselors use humanistic and psychoeducational approaches,  as well as cognitive behavioral therapy, somatic interventions, and other evidence-based practices. We also offer EMDR on a very limited basis.



Support Groups

The support groups we offer help to reduce the isolation of traumatic victimization by connecting survivors with other survivors who can share and support each other.

Our group counseling uses a psychoeducational model -  meaning that groups provide education on several topics to facilitate healing, such as domestic violence, sexual abuse/assault, safety planning, parenting, empowerment skills, trauma and trauma symptoms, coping skills, healthy relationships, communication skills, etc. If you are interested in learning more about a support group or would like to join one, please call our Metro Office at 213.955.9090. All participants must have an intake with a counselor or case manager prior to joining.

Support groups are offered in English, Spanish and American Sign Language.




POV offers the Thriving Over Violence (TOV) groups that focus on domestic violence. Each group uses a curriculum that teaches the participants about trauma, red flags of DV, healthy relationships, coping skills, and communication. We offer DV groups for women and men in English, Spanish and American Sign Language. Also, we offer a group that focuses on the experiences of intimate partner violence for black women called “Still I Rise”.



We offer groups for female and male survivors of sexual abuse or assault which address issues of  coercive sexual experiences including impact of trauma, coping skills, healthy sexual and intimate relationships, gender, identity, boundaries, myths and realities. For women, we focus on the experiences of women who have been sexually violated. Our group for male survivors, Men who Experienced Non-consensual Sex (MENS), helps men recover from unwanted sexual experiences in childhood, adolescence or adulthood. These groups use an empowerment approach to help survivors regain control of their lives again.



This group provides a safe, relaxing environment for survivors to transform their trauma by connecting with others and using expressive art experiences, such as drawing, painting, collages, sculpting, etc. This is not a process or psychoeducation group; very little time is spent talking about participants’ trauma. The group supports recovery through self-expression, self-discovery, and self-care.



We offer trauma-informed yoga classes that use the healing power of meditation, mindfulness and body movement for recovery. Trauma survivors tend to carry  toxic stress in their bodies — “issues in the tissues” -- which present as body aches and pains, headaches, etc. Our yoga groups are led by a trained instructor in trauma-informed yoga that supports healing from trauma by using various yoga poses, breathing, social connection, and relaxation. It helps survivors reconnect with their bodies in ways that promote healing and self-acceptance.