At Peace Over Violence, we practice together to create a workplace environment that is supportive, kind, creative and inclusive.

The work we do is challenging and sometimes unrelenting. As an organization with a deep commitment to survivors, their families, and to healthy and safe communities, we intend to be here for the long haul. This means we need the support of each other.

We have sought to identify practices that reflect the values we hold in high esteem as we work one-on-one and one-by-one to intervene and prevent violence.


Peace Over Violence’s Values & Practices

Compassion & Peace

  • Be survivor-centric, trauma-informed and resiliency focused in all that we do so that we are sensitive to the impact that violence brings
  • Provide advocacy so no one goes through the trauma of violence alone
  • Cultivate empathy and kindness in all aspects of our work together
  • Embrace authenticity
  • Practice and teach violence prevention as a methodology
  • Nurture young people to become peacemakers–now and in the future
  • Cultivate an understanding that those who harm others have also been hurt themselves
  • Strengthen the larger movement for violence prevention through education and collaboration
  • Support self-care among all team members
  • Practice effective, loving, ethical communication


  • Set high standards and incorporate best practices to achieve personal and collective goals
  • Exercise personal responsibility and promote mutual accountability
  • Assess results through inclusion of qualitative data and practice-based evidence
  • Maintain high standards of training for staff, volunteers and interns to ensure high-quality performance
  • Promote personal development, growth and education
  • Encourage critical thinking about social issues and current events
  • Understand that struggle can lead to breakthrough and innovation
  • Learn from mistakes and failure


  • Honor our promises and commitments, including contracts and donor instructions
  • Utilize all funding and donations effectively and for their intended purposes
  • Support the transparency, integrity, and accessibility of financial information
  • Commit to and regularly assess how POV is “walking our talk”
  • Promote a culture of ethical communication
  • Encourage healthy disagreements and seek to align to the whole

Collaboration & Community

  • Promote community and an orientation to the whole by working collaboratively and in teams
  • Engage volunteers and interns so all can be full partners in the mission of Peace Over Violence
  • Embrace the practice of council to build relationships and community
  • Enhance collaborative partnerships by discovering common values and taking the time to invest in relationships
  • Seek out and build diverse partnerships to serve POV’s mission
  • Enter into partnerships with clear understanding and expectations regarding social change, social justice and building community
  • Recognize that healthy conflict can be a valuable tool for open dialog and shared understanding
  • Encourage program cohesion and alignment of divisions across all departments

Cultural Humility & Inclusiveness

  • Create a welcoming environment for everyone
  • Maintain intentional physical spaces so they promote a feeling of safety and nurturing
  • Promote self-awareness to understand our own biases
  • Respect survivors as experts of their own culture; be curious and respect local knowledge
  • Support cultural humility and understanding through shared activities and events
  • Provide trauma-informed services to sensitively engage individuals from all cultures
  • Check our own assumptions in order to understand and embrace other’s perspectives and experiences
  • Resist stereotyping
  • Celebrate difference

Empowerment, Learning & Leadership

  • Welcome, recognize and develop the leadership potential of all staff, interns, and volunteers, providing an ongoing teaching environment
  • Cultivate empowerment and resiliency in all that we do
  • Recognize mistakes as opportunities to improve our processes and learning
  • Exercise self-leadership: embrace not-knowing, deepen self-awareness and strengthen relationships
  • Remain aware that conversations we are avoiding are probably the most crucial ones to have
  • Take opportunities to practice Collective Leadership. Orient to the whole. Welcome all that arises and nurture alignment of intention

Communication & Connection

  • Communicate from a place of kindness and empathy
  • Honor privacy and confidentiality
  • Encourage ethical communication; discourage gossip and triangulation
  • Be a storytelling organization; encourage authentic voices to inspire, educate, and connect
  • Be willing to engage in productive, difficult and important conversations
  • Promote high touch, high tech communication
  • Address and resolve conflicts through self-inquiry as well as constructive and healthy conversations, including mediation and other productive means
  • Speak from the heart, listen with the whole body and refrain from being judgmental

Determination & Resiliency

  • Support each other to “find a way” making the seemingly impossible possible
  • Believe in our youth, survivors, the individuals we serve, our staff, and volunteers
  • Integrate a range of healing modalities and cultivate the courage to heal
  • Be a visible beacon of hope
  • Create and draw upon the POV community of staff, program volunteers, Board of Directors, Advisory Board, National Advisory Board, interns and survivors to fulfill POV’s mission and vision

Generosity & Appreciation

  • Appreciate and acknowledge all forms of donations, gifts, and support
  • Support staff and volunteers’ self-care and well-being
  • Publicly celebrate successes and personal milestones
  • End POV staff meetings with appreciations
  • Invite and honor the gifts and talents of all staff, volunteers, and interns
  • Regularly appreciate the unique contributions of everyone and celebrate the abundance that arises
  • Actively foster support by sharing our resources and expertise to build stronger connections and communities