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Empowerment Self Defense: Women 18+

  • Peace Over Violence 1015 Wilshire Blvd. #200 Los Angeles, CA United States (map)

POV's Empowerment Self-Defense model started as and continues to be a collaborative effort, created and designed by women for women. Participants will learn how to be more assertive, how to resolve conflict, and how to execute some physical self-defense techniques.

About POV’s Empowerment Self Defense

This women teaching women model is based on empowerment, resiliency, trauma-informed care, and survivor sensitivity.

We begin our self-defense training by teaching awareness of information about sexual assault and battering. In addition, we should be aware of our environment–paying attention to our surroundings at all times–and of our feelings and instincts, which tell us a great deal about a situation.

The next step is assertiveness. Many potentially dangerous situations can be stopped by being assertive, and this is a good skill to develop for taking care of ourselves in everyday life.

Finally comes the learning of physical techniques–fighting skills–to protect oneself. The task is to disable the assailant in order to get away. The techniques we teach are very simple and effective based on striking the vulnerable target areas on an attacker's body. Practice and complete determination are what make them work. 

This class is open to women, femmes and non-binary individuals over the age of 18.

This class will be instructed in Spanish.

Registration fee is $75. If you need a scholarship please contact