POV Staff & Board Education Day


On February 14th, Peace Over Violence staff and Board gathered at the California Endowment for Education Day - a day to come together to learn about each other and Peace Over Violence programs and services.

Education Day is a past POV program that we have re-launched this year. Because of our growth in programming and staff over the last few years, this was the perfect opportunity to create and foster community. We believe that coming together now - especially with the country so divided - is vitally important. We want to stand in solidarity and understanding of who we are and what we do.  

The theme of the day was “Building Community and Learning Together.” It featured an optional trauma informed yoga class, healing arts activities throughout the day, and presentations by staff on POV programs and practices.

Attended by almost all of our staff, interns and several members of the Board of Directors, the feeling of comradery and togetherness was palpable in the room. Education Day proved to be a welcome opportunity for us all to come together as members of the POV family.

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