We have a lot to say about how Christine Blasey Ford is being treated...


What does Peace Over Violence (and a ton of other people) have to say about how Christine Blasey Ford is being treated for coming forward about Brett Kavanugh?


First of all, victims/survivors must have a say in how and when their stories are told. There are many legitimate reasons why a person might not immediately come forward about sexual violence (and they don’t mean that the person is lying).

And while we have your attention:

  • We need to prioritize and invest in teaching:

-Young people about consent and building healthy relationships
-Young men and boys about consent and building healthy relationships

  • Toxic masculinity must be addressed, to the benefit of all genders

  • We must transform the way that we teach young men and boys (and everyone) about sex; sex is not a contest or conquest

  • The trauma and violence we experience in adolescence can and does impact us for the rest of our lives, especially if untreated, unacknowledged or unattended to

  • Men and boys of different races and socioeconomic status are not equally held accountable for their actions

  • It doesn’t make sense to blame victims for their assaults if they were drinking at the time and simultaneously dismiss assaults because the person causing the violence was drinking at the time

  • The choices that women and girls make are often critically viewed, but the behavior and actions of men and boys is excused as, “boys will be boys”

  • This incident is one glance into a global issue, reflective of how many young women and girls/people have experienced sexual victimization and did not report or disclose at the time for good reasons

  • No institutions are immune from committing violence

  • Studies have proven that women rarely lie about sexual violence

  • Women do not report sexual assault for attention or fame

  • Sexual violence is a systemic issue rooted in sexism and patriarchy

  • The perception that victims/survivors have an agenda to take down men in positions of power IS A MYTH

  • A man can be a “good man,” “a nice guy,” in many aspects of his life and still perpetrate violence against someone

  • Those who cause abuse or violence do not have to be shunned or punished forever, but there needs to be accountability for one’s actions and dedication to change

Our children and youth are watching as this story unfolds on a national stage. At POV, we are teaching children and youth about consent, healthy relationships through our Youth Over Violence programs.

This is another teachable moment. We will keep teaching until EVERYBODY gets it.

-Melodie Kruspodin

Prevention & Policy Division Director

StoryPeace Over Violence