Netflix Exposes Rape Culture In New Series

Netflix exposes rape culture and victim-blaming in their new series Unbelievable, airing today, September 13th. 

Based on award-winning reporting by ProPublica, The Marshall Project and “This American Life,” Netflix takes a courageous step by bringing to the screen the true story of 18-year-old Marie, a rape survivor who is accused of lying after reporting her assault to authorities.

TRIGGER WARNING: The media can be a great tool for increasing public awareness about sexual violence, but it can also pose challenges for some survivors. Portrayals of sexual violence in movies, television shows, the news, and social media can prompt negative reactions, from flashbacks and anxiety to feelings of sadness or irritability. Below are a few ways to help limit your exposure to media that could prompt these uncomfortable experiences. Check out Tips for Survivors on Consuming Media from our friends at RAINN.

The 8-episode series tells the story of an all-too-common experience among survivors. We know about the pressure by law enforcement for survivors to report their assaults, but we as a society haven’t yet built systems and infrastructures that guarantee the safety and empowerment of those who report. We at Peace Over Violence have been at the forefront of a movement that seeks to eradicate rape culture from our communities, institutions, and society as a whole. We have been tirelessly advocating to improve response, intervention and prevention of sexual and intimate partner violence for over 48 years. 

“The takeaway from our series speaks to rape more broadly as a crime and the way it’s investigated and the kinds of assumptions that we all harbor and challenges them in a great way.” - Sarah Timberman, Executive Producer

As a trauma-informed agency, we want emergency response and intervention services to provide survivors with supportive options while validating their experiences throughout the entire process. We need counselors, medical and legal professionals, law enforcement, and advocates to demystify trauma while building positive relationships of trust so we may assist survivors as they navigate complex systems at one of the most vulnerable times in their lifetime.

At POV, we are here to support individuals on their journey toward healing and justice. What justice looks and feels like to each survivor is different, but we are here while they define it and identify it. We show up every day, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

If you or anyone you know has experienced sexual violence, you are not alone. Visit or call our 24-hour rape and battering hotlines at: 

Central Los Angeles: 213.626.3393
South Los Angeles: 310-392.8381
West San Gabriel Valley: 626.793.3385

Unbelievable is streaming now on Netflix. 

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