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Your recurring donation ensures healing and support for victims of domestic and sexual violence and violence prevention for the community at large.

Peace Over Violence works to build healthy relationships, families and communities free from sexual, domestic and interpersonal violence.
We run crisis intervention, violence prevention and education programs for children, youth and adults. We listen, counsel, support, guide and work to heal survivors of violence. We teach teens about healthy relationships, train girls in self-defense, advise politicians on public policy. We organize, we advocate. Not only do we believe, we know that violence is preventable. We stand at the center of a social movement that is advancing individuals, groups and society to stand over violence.


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POV Sustaining Members

Deborah Klar

Melodie Kruspodin

Jacqueline Landwehr

Kristen Lisanti

Aracely Lozano

Christina Mauro

Janice Morris

Melinda Nordeng

Erica Poellot

Peggie Reyna

Laura Ripplinger

Keziah Robinson

Silvia Rocco

Julia Salazar

Michelle Santucci

Lana Spraker

Ashley Stacy

Fabiola Montiel Tellez

Jendayi Trimble

Katherine Valdez

Lauren Von Bernuth

Angie and Gordon Wimpress

Mary Lee Wegner

Dawn Bey

Lori Beesley

Quiana Bulliox

Vanessa Bradley

Yasmin Dunn

Adam Eeuwens

Beth Eggleson

Frances Fisher

Sandra Garcia

Linda Garnets

Patti Giggans

Glenda Goodman

Stan Gorbunov

Eva Gross

Jill Isaacs

Caitlin Haffert

Nicki Hozack

Brenda Ingram

Deborah Kagan

Corlyn Katz

Donna Kaz

Kent Kiesey

Andrea Keller

Danny Getzoff