Who we are

We are a non-profit, feminist; multicultural, volunteer organization. We value and respect the voice and experience of every member of the Peace Over Violence community and are attentive to the feelings of our constituents. We are part of a large network of people active against violence.



Joshua Beckett 
Trauma Therapist, Program Coordinator


Laura Ripplinger 
Program Coordinator-Deaf, Disabled & Elder Services


Melissa Morales 
Emergency Services Coordinator/Case Manager


Melodie Kruspodin 
Youth Leadership Development Manager


Milena Lukic  
Trauma Therapist


Nancy Delgado 
Data Entry Assistant


Natali Garcia 
Youth GRYD Case Manager


Omar López 
Director of Design & New Technology


Patricia Giggans 
Executive Director


Payal Sinha 
Staff Attorney, Legal Advocacy Program Manager


Peggie Reyna 
Project Director-Deaf, Disabled & Elder Services / Anti-Stalking Project


Quiana Bulliox 
Office and Operations Manager / HR Assistant


Rashad Beal 
Office and Operations Manager / HR Assistant


René Martinez 
GRYD Case Manager


Rosalinda Mendez 
Trauma Therapist


Selene Palma 
Legal Case Manager


Shirley Alvarado del Aguila 
Community Engagement Manager


Teresa Deukmedjian 
CalWorks Coordinator


Veronica Polanco 
Domestic Violence Specialist


Vincent Gomis 


Virginia Garcia 
Domestic Violence Specialist


Yanina Diaz 
Bookkeeper Clerk Assistant, Fiscal


Yvette Lozano 
Chief Program Officer


Zoe Muñoz 
Emergency Services Coordinator

Aimee Berrios 
Emergency Services Coordinator


Ana Santamaria 
Latina Services/ Client Advocate


Angela Wimpress 
Executive Assistant & Special Projects Coordinator


Angelica Martinez 
Emergency Services Coordinator


Anthony Lopez 
Youth Educator


April Hernandez 
Domestic Violence Specialist


Aracely Lozano 
Community Organizer


Ashley Stacy 
Trauma Therapist, Program Specialist


Bettina Robinson 
Domestic Violence and Training Program Manager


Brenda Ingram 
Director of Clinical Services


Britni Soto 
Communications & Events Manager


Cathy Friedman 
Associate Director


Cayla McCrae 
Design & Media Project Manager


Claudia Sibaja 
Legal Advocate


Edna Bermudez 
Domestic Violence Case Manager


Eloina Hoffman 
Trauma Therapist


Gabriela Tiscareno 
Emergency Services Coordinator


Guadalupe Mejia 
Emergency Services and Volunteer Manager


Hannah Denyer
Rape Prevention Education Coordinator


Ian Henry
Staff Attorney


Jasmine Barnes 
Intervention Program Assistant