As our organization and services have grown over the past 46 years, we have not only worked to develop our resources to better serve survivors, but we've setup a department within our agency to share our expertise with the community, businesses, direct service agencies, and more.

Peace Over Violence understands that sharing knowledge builds a stronger community and resource structure that can be utilized to better serve survivors.


POV provides a variety of training opportunities for communities and professionals

  • Advocacy and Rights of Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Victims
  • Campus Sexual Assault and Intimate Partner Violence
  • Child Sexual Abuse
  • Cultural Responsiveness
  • Deaf, Disabled, and Elder Services
  • Domestic Violence Impact on Children
  • Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Safety Planning
  • Effects of Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence on Victims
  • Impact of Domestic Violence
  • Impact of Sexual Assault
  • Intimate Partner Stalking and Resources
  • Introduction and Overview of Domestic Violence
  • Introduction and Overview of Sexual Violence
  • Legal Advocacy
  • Policy Advocacy
  • Sex Trafficking
  • Sexual Assault Impact on Male Survivors
  • The Neurobiology of Trauma and Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence
  • Vicarious Trauma/Compassion Fatigue
  • Violence Prevention Strategies
  • Working with Adolescents

Counseling and Intervention Techniques

  • Community Resiliency Model

  • Counseling Techniques, Empowerment Model

  • Creating Accessible Services: Working with Persons Who Are Deaf/Hard of Hearing or Who Have Disabilities

  • Creating Effective Support Groups for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse and Domestic Violence

  • Cultural Responsiveness

  • De-Escalation Training and Interventions

  • Deaf, Disabled, and Elder Services

  • Interpersonal Violence Issues as Related to Persons who have Disabilities

  • Trauma Informed Care and Resiliency



  • Adapted Empowerment Self-Defense and Personal Security Awareness Training
  • Empowerment Self-Defense
  • Empowerment Self-Defense Instructor Training
  • Intervention and Self-Defense


  • Campus Sexual Assault: Drafting, Implementing, and Enforcing No Contact Orders
  • Citizenship: including eligibility criteria and common bars to eligibility

  • Civil Legal Issues

  • DACA/Expanded DACA: including eligibility, travel opportunities, and any updates (English and Spanish); Only until October 5, 2017

  • Know-your-rights: including what to do when approached or apprehended by immigration authorities

  • Overview of Campus Sexual Assault and Title IX remedies; for youth groups/parents group

  • Overview of different privilege and confidentialities for professionals/staff/advocates

  • Overview of immigration court: including what to expect at hearings

  • Overview of immigration options: including summaries of common forms of relief in English & Spanish

  • Overview of Removal Proceedings

  • Overview of the criminal proceedings in a Sexual Assault and a Domestic Violence Case

  • Overview of the Divorce/Child Custody Process in English & Spanish

  • Overview of the Restraining Orders With kids (or Without Kids) in English & Spanish

  • Restraining Order 101

  • Restraining Order-Elder Abuse

  • Rights of Domestic Violence Survivors focusing on Immigrant rights and LGBTQ rights

  • Rights of Immigrant victims of crime

  • Rights of Sexual Assault Survivors focusing on Immigrants and LGBTQ Survivors

  • State immigration-related laws: including driver’s licenses, post-conviction relief, etc.