I Pledge

To recognize that domestic and sexual violence is everyone’s issue.

To educate myself about the issue.

To actively engage in the eradication of intimate violence and rape culture:

  • Commit to addressing sexist derogatory and victim blaming language and discourse when we hear it.

To support survivors; not participate in victim blaming:

  • Commit to asking survivors “What happened to you?” instead of “What’s wrong with you?” Say “I believe you,” instead of “What did you do?”

  • Listen without judgement. Allow survivors to freely tell their story in their own words.

To encourage all organizations and institutions to join the movement to put an end to domestic and sexual violence by implementing strong policies for intervention and prevention.

To model healthy relationships to the young people in my life.

To be an upstander and speak up when I witness abusive behaviour.

To engage in healthy and violence free relationships:

  • Recognize that consent and communication are essential to healthy relationships and sexuality.

  • Consent is willing participation, based on choice. Active, not passive, based on equal power.