2016 Annual Report


Mission Statement
Building healthy relationships, families, and communities free from sexual, domestic and interpersonal violence.


“When it opened back in 1971, Peace Over Violence was one of the first agencies of its kind in the U.S. Over the years, POV has transformed so many lives, healed so many families, and built a stronger and safer city. Today, more than ever, its innovative programs are essential in helping people who have experienced trauma. Los Angeles needs this organization–and it needs your support to thrive and continue to make a difference for the people of this city.” 

– Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti



Board member Dawn Bey, Board President Keziah Robinson, Board member Mary Lee Wegner, Board President Kent Kiesey, Board Vice-President Ruby Quallsgray, Board Member Christina Mauro, and Executive Director Patti Giggans

Board member Dawn Bey, Board President Keziah Robinson, Board member Mary Lee Wegner, Board President Kent Kiesey, Board Vice-President Ruby Quallsgray, Board Member Christina Mauro, and Executive Director Patti Giggans

The year 2016 was another growth spurt for POV. We hope you enjoy reading about what we have been engaged in and how the services provided by Peace Over Violence are needed now more than ever. Peace Over Violence is not only needed in our aspirational name as an idea but in actuality! In 2016, we expanded our programming due to increased grants from the federal Victims of Crime Act. This allowed us to triple our clinical department, hire more case managers and counselors to meet the growing demand for services for victims/survivors. This funding also puts pressure on us to raise unrestricted funding since grants never pay for the whole program. Our Development Department and our Board of Directors are stepping up activities to meet this growth and to make sure that we are right sized; not only for services but for fiscal health as well. We bid a fond farewell to outgoing chair Keziah Robinson and welcome our new board leadership.

This year was our 45th anniversary and we celebrated our gala at Vibiana’s in downtown LA. The evening, which featured a cocktail pre-dinner reception, silent auction, dinner and concert, was hosted by Denim Day spokesperson Maya Jupiter, and featured a performance by iconic Brazilian singer/songwriter Thalma de Freitas. The night presented the unique opportunity to recognize and bring together our brand creators, Rebeca Méndez, Adams Eeuwens and Michael Powers; Los Angeles’s only City Councilwoman, Nury Martinez and the legendary songwriter, Diane Warren.

We are committed to spreading the “Trauma Informed and Resiliency Focused” model that we live by and of course, still abide by our mantra that since “Violence is learned, it can be unlearned.” As we continue our mission and vision of healthier and safer relationships, families and communities we hope you will continue to follow our progress—and more importantly—be a part of that progress. 

Patti Occhiuzzo Giggans Executive Director

Patti Occhiuzzo Giggans
Executive Director

Kent Kiesey Board President

Kent Kiesey
Board President


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Fiscal Year July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2016





Our Emergency Services offer victims of sexual assault, domestic violence and intimate partner stalking emotional support, information, compassion, accompaniment, referral and advocacy services, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


In an unprecedented partnership, The Downtown Women’s Center, the only organization in Los Angeles exclusively dedicated to addressing the needs of women on Skid Row, and Peace Over Violence, the oldest rape crisis center in Southern California, came together to establish the Los Angeles Trauma Recovery Center (TRC). The TRC allows POV to continue providing trauma informed healing services for survivors of sexual and domestic violence while being able to provide additional support through the partnership with the Downtown Women’s Center’s specialized services such as housing, case management and medical services.


Myra breathes slowly, and pays attention to how her body is making contact with the chair and the floor. She notices her breathing, heart rate, she slowly scans her body as she practices a simple grounding exercise. The memories of her assault sometimes are overwhelming and prevent her from feeling safe. After a few minutes with her trauma therapist sitting next to her, Myra is able to experience safety in mind, body and spirit.

Myra became connected to POV after a counselor advocate responded to a local emergency room to provide her with supportive services. She was in ER because she had recently been sexual assaulted, but it was not the first time that she experienced this type of violence. Due to a history of trauma Myra was in crisis and completely shut down. She was first raped as a young girl and had no support, which led her to struggle as an adult. She felt alone and had numerous experiences of sexual violence and unhealthy relationships. Looking for a way out, Myra engaged in self-destructive behaviors in an attempt to cope with all of the violence she experienced.

After this last incident when she was attacked and raped by her boyfriend, Myra was ready to go to the nearest hospital and get help. That’s when her healing journey began. After enduring the abuse for three years she left the relationship. Myra lost her housing and was unable to hold down a steady job because of all of the trauma she experienced in her life. Financial independence was an unforeseen option. Through the partnership with the Downtown Women’s Center Myra and her case managers were able to achieve some stability. She lives at the DWC’s transitional housing facilities and receives psychological services at POV to help heal from the wounds of abuse. The Trauma Recovery Center works to heal the pain that trauma survivors endure. Through this partnership, our organizations have become powerful allies in the healing journey of survivors—many for the very first time—to access support and comprehensive trauma-informed services.