“I attribute a great deal of my education, growth and healing in the past four years solely to the Los Angeles Commission on Assaults Against Women. I will forever and always be indebted to POV (formerly LACAAW) for imparting all of the knowledge, skills, wisdom and love that I’ve received – for not only has POV (formerly LACAAW) changed my life significantly for the better, but I have also learned how to accept and consider perspectives and theories that perhaps may otherwise be foreign to me. As a survivor and now impassioned volunteer, I found that POV provided me with a safe haven of sorts where I could express my feelings, fears, naiveté and passion to learn more, and I discovered a place to immerse myself in working to help change the world – one tiny bit at a time.”

“Volunteering at Peace Over Violence has opened my eyes to the critical need survivors of violence have for help healing. For four hours a week, I answer calls on the crisis hotline and link callers in crisis to resources that promote healing and positive change. Through participating in the crisis intervention training, I made life enhancing friendships with women who share a commitment to make our communities safer.”

“Over the year-plus that I’ve been on the hotline, friends have asked why I’d want to do such depressing work. My answer is invariably that the work is never depressing. It’s always gratifying to provide help, listening, support, and referrals to much needed services. There are still many myths about domestic violence and rape; not so long ago there were few if any support systems. To be able to connect survivors to the care, assistance and healing they deserve is a pleasure and an honor.”

“Peace Over Violence takes real good care of its volunteers. I’ve done a lot of volunteer work in my life and you are the best when it comes to feedback, encouragement, accessibility of people to consult with re: questions, rough hotline calls and feeling generally appreciated. A lot of NGOs and non-profs recruit their volunteers, train them, then kind of forget about them or leave them hanging. So thank you, too, for making Peace Over Violence a place we want to be!”