Violence Prevention Specialist

Peace Over Violence provides the Violence Prevention Specialist (VPS) program to involve community members in preventing interpersonal violence through education of the public. Through the VPS program, volunteers present to schools and community groups on the issues of sexual assault, sexual harassment, and relationship violence. The purpose is to raise societal awareness about these issues as well as to provide concrete tools for reducing the incidence of interpersonal violence and replacing it with healthy, productive relationships. In addition to the presentations, VPS volunteers also staff resource tables at community fairs to inform the public about Peace Over Violence’s programs and services. Prior to their volunteer involvement, all VPS volunteers first must complete a 50-hour training program, focused on developing presentation skills and developing a thorough understanding of the dynamics of domestic and sexual abuse.


To learn more about the Violence Prevention Specialist Program, contact Hannah or call at 626.584.6191×122.

VPS Training applications are available online. Click here to apply.

Training Requirements.