Legal Advocacy Project

The Legal Advocacy Project of Peace Over Violence assists survivors of sexual and domestic violence pro bono within the civil court system. We educate and empower survivors to understand the system and their rights within it. We focus our efforts on those traditionally limited in their access to courts, specifically the Deaf, the Disabled, Monolingual Immigrants, and those with limited financial resources. We become their voice today so that they may find their voice tomorrow.

Our main focus is within the areas of Family Law, VAWA Self-Petitions, and Protective Orders. We also provide legal advocacy for survivors of sexual assault. Through our volunteer attorney and non-attorney programs, we are able to, provide legal consultation and advocacy, assist clients with court paperwork, represent clients in court and educate clients about their legal rights through our legal clinics. We also provide educational pamphlets and brochures to raise awareness about legal issues facing survivors.

All of our legal services are provided free of charge. Our services are client-focused, aiming to undo the sense of powerlessness that many survivors of violence experience. We provide comprehensive services for survivors by combining emotional healing through counseling with all the legal services we deliver.

In addition to our client services, we also provide training to the legal community on how to represent survivors of sexual and domestic violence. We believe that lawyers not only must possess legal advocacy skills, but also must possess sensitivity and an understanding of the dynamics of abuse to be effective advocates for survivors.

For more information about our programs, services, volunteer opportunities, or to schedule a presentation on legal rights for an organization or client group contact Payal Sinha.